Hello Community. I need some help here.  I have a 10 module course that was created with the trial adobe captive 9 and paid a freelancer to put it into a full version and make the necessary changes so the course can be sold on-line and/or as a live workshop. The freelancer started the changes, and due to a business trip I advanced the freelancer and now the freelancer went MIA. I have the images in ppt, but cannot make any changes, so I am trying to recreate from scratch. Anyone know the best (easiest template) I could use? after I do this, then I can convert into an interactive video. Not very tech savvy, so simple is best. just need the correct template to start. 

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Michael Hinze

Are you saying you want to recreate the modules in Captivate9? If yes, then you can at least import the PPT into Captivate. It comes with a set of templates ('Themes') that may be useful to get started. You can get more from the Asset store, which is new in CP9. And yes, Captivate allows you to publish the content as a video (although I'm not sure what you mean by 'interactive' video). 

Desheen Evans

Hello and thanks for responding. I do not have the full version of Captive 9, had the trial and the freelancer used his to put my trial version in full version, then went MIA. I am stuck with not being able to make changes, so now I am using the 10 module images to recreate in Power Point then will convert into a video to sell my course on-line. Interactive video, (meaning) there are short quizzes, a final exam and I have a workbook. Wanted to use a LMS, but too complicated. If I do regular ppt, can save to SWF and play in window media, but need help, how people will be able to use workbook and take short quiz online without LMS? also wish I could copy whole program from captive 9, (the content) to recreate ppt, but will not let me, so I have to do it from scratch. Any suggestions? 

Michael Hinze

Do you have the CP9 source file? If yes, then you could get a CreativeCloud subscription for CP9 (I think it's $30/month), open the source file, make changes and republish. Without the source file, you will have to recreate the content in some other tool. Yes, you can launch interactive content without an LMS, you just can't track scores.

Desheen Evans

I tried and called them and here is the deal it is $30 a month, but for a year, and let's say I purchase then cancel within 14 days I get refund, but program will not work and they bill you for the whole year. Please share what other tools I can use without needing LMS, not worried about tracking scores. I have already started recreating from scratch with regular ppt and then I want to convert into video. I just need help, not a tech geek, but I am doing okay with it

Desheen Evans

Okay and thank you. I will take a look @ the 3 you mentioned above and also call Adobe to be sure about me purchasing a CC license. My whole thing is that I do not want to be locked into a membership, I just want to be able to make the changes. But back to the ones you mentioned, I guess I should have asked if they are open source, but I will take a look now and I again thank you. I am a new start-up so budget is important, and I only want to be able to create my courses that I can sell on-line, so I am thinking that ppt is the best way for me to go?  I will check out the 3 you offered now, and I again thank you for taking the time to help me out here.  Have a happy Saturday

Desheen Evans

I plan on selling the courses plan on selling the courses on line from my
site, but want the ability to save to my USB to use live with a projector.
I just need a software that is easy, allows me to create is power point,
slides that I can add type content on slide, add character either with the
ones that come with the software or I can add my own,

I need to be able to create my courses, a workbook and/or a
train-the-trainer manual/guide and quizzes, but quizzes that has resume
functions, so if a person comes to my site, register and begins the course
which is good for 30 days, they can save their answers and come back to
finish the course and when they take the final exam the system will
automatically generate their score. Let's say they fail, they will have the
option to take it again without payment. The software also let me create
or has the certificate upon completion. I want the ability to add audio,
can publish as a video or in MP4. I also would like people to be able to
answer the quiz questions or do the workbook questions on line.

I am attaching a module that was created in adobe captive 9 (trial version)
and I want to have the ability to create courses like the attachment. It is
interactive has the buttons can get to next slide. I am just learning how
to really use power point and was able to create the entire workbook with a
spiral and all, I would say a few of my fonts maybe off, but that can be
fixed and I added background color and content that is what what I want to
do to create a course, something simple. I also need to know if I have to
have a LMS on my computer for the courses to work? I am not real tech
savvy, so the software I would prefer not have special coding to install.

I downloaded the free Articulate Studio 13 so I can test, but I was trying
to test the Articulate Presenter 13 and not sure if it is the same thing?
and I cannot figure out if I need quiz maker, or or if with the presenter
13 I have that giving me the ability to create quizzes, workbook. I forgot
to mention, but because it is about learning I would love the option to
make games.

I need a software to offer me all of the above, is easy to install, easy
for me to use and is a one-time purchasing fee. I also need to have my
courses "blocked", meaning a person cannot take any of my material and make
changes "unless" with permission as I will have a few courses under license
and with an agreement a person that completes the course can use only for
facilitating purposes.

Hopefully I have offered a better snap shot of my needs?

Desheen Evans

I do not think that you understand. I used the trial version, it was about
to expire, I hired a freelancer who put it into his full version under his
license. I noticed some changes were needed, the freelancer has gone MIA
and I am not able to make any changes. I contacted adobe and yes I can get
the monthly subscription or even what you offered, but after I make the
changes if I do not cancel within 14 days I will be billed each month or if
I cancel on time I can publish but it will not work. Besides it is too
advanced. I want something that is easy to use and I can make my courses
with ease. I downloaded the trail for Articulate Presenter and so far I
seem to be understanding, I will take advantage of all the tutorials. To me
that is a better investment with the ability to help myself versus hiring
freelancers. Only issue I am having is aduio now as I am not able to record
and trying to figure this out. I plan to call sales today to purchase.

Bob S


If I may, and I apologize if I am assuming incorrectly, but I think you may be rolling two things together that are not the same.  Generally speaking there are two different things you need to consider....

1) Creating Content - The software packages to do this are things like Articulate Studio (Presenter), Adobe Captivate, Lectora, etc. These create your courses.

2) Making Content Available - The ways to do this vary from a cloud hosted solution, full-blown LMS, your own website, etc. These serve your courses up for people to take/purchase and can track results/report.

These are different functions and should be thought of differently.  That being said, there are a few companies that offer BOTH solutions .... for example Articulate Studio (creation) and Articulate Online (cloud LMS).

It sounds as if you are using PowerPoint for creation. A fine start. And authoring products like Articulate Studio (includes Presenter, Engage, QuizMaker) can enhance those PowerPoint decks to make them more interactive, add quizzes, etc.  This is a great start placing for beginner or expert alike.  

But then you have to think about how you will make your newly finished courses available.  That's where your own webhosting, an LMS service, etc comes in.  You will have to decide what's important for you...  ability to report who's taken it, scores?  ability to sell courses securely? etc.   Those choices will drive you towards the right solution.

Finally... some folks in this business make a great living only ever worrying about creating/authoring content and then sell it to others to deploy (sush as on a corporate LMS). Some work primarily on the deployment side offering up LMS-like solutions for others to host their content on.  And of course some play in both worlds.   The choice is yours, but the more you take on up front the more there is to learn right away.

Hope this ramble helps. Good luck!

Desheen Evans

Hello and thanks for the breakdonw, "very helpful".
I want to create content in power point, I have the 2016 version. I want
to create quiz, sell and people take the course online from my website
which is WP and being hosted by godaddy.
I am looking @the Articulate Presenter 13 since I am a beginner.
Just trying to confirm this would be the correct software and compatible
with new ppt 2016 and WP? Also if I'm correct, this software has LMS built
in? And I would not need to purchase separate LMS, correct?
The Articulate Presenter 13 also allows me to insert characters, audio,
engage and have interactivity?
if all the above is correct, then I would be most happy and will plan my
schedule so I can attend webinars/tutorials on Tuesday & Thursdays.

I also downloaded the 30 day trial yesterday to practice and with a little
help I should be able to create my own courses and not need freelancers?

Hoping I am on the right track?

Bob S

Articulate Studio (including Presenter) is a great tool.  Excellent choice.

It does NOT however contain any provision for deploying content after creation. (Ie No LMS included). 

Articulate does offer that ability through a separate product/purchase called Articulate Online. But you may not need that if you are going to host the content yourself.

Here's an analogy that might help....  Think of it like books you wish to write and sell.  Microsoft Word, PageMaker, etc are all authoring tools that help you create the book.  (( PowerPoint and Articulate Studio/Presenter ))

Then you need to decide how to distribute the book.... Do you sell it on an E-book site, do you offer it as a download on your own blog, do you have it printed and sold in stores.   (( Articulate Online )).     Note the "online" part of the name does NOT mean the it's an online version of the authoring software, it means it's how you get your content online!  :-)



Desheen Evans

Hello again and thank you for taking the time to explain all of this to me.
It is just so much and all I want to do is create my courses to sell on
line. I looked @ different LMS and they are all so advanced. See I thought
that the Articulate Presenter would allow me to do everything in one place,
create. publish and sell online. So all in all what is best here? And is
there a software that can do it all with ease of use for me?

Desheen Evans

Hello, I have a Responsive WP site that is version 4.3.2, and I just want a
simple software that is easy to navigate. I compiled a list of the things
that are most important to me, so you can get a better feel of what my
needs are so you can direct me to the best affordable software to purchase.

Wp has a variety of LMS, but it is quite confusing for one and I am not
clear on why I would need to purchase, let's say Articulate and still have
to purchase a LMS? I am trying to get an all in one as I am not the tech
geek expert. I can have a developer implement the plugin on the site, but I
need to be able to use it.

Here is a breakdown of my needs:

Need Responsive WP theme LMS software that offers me the following:

· No monthly subscription and preferably no set-up cost.

· Ability to create courses, modules, units, quizzes, workbook,
questions auto or manually evaluate quizzes, certificates for courses.

· Ability to sell my courses on line on my own site as a single,
group or subscription.

· Ability to market online.

· Ability to upload content already created in power point, or
articulate or adobe captive.

· Ability to embed video or voice over to make courses

· Ability to have resume: people can start the course, save their
answers and come back to complete the course within the time that I can
set. Also would like to be able to set up course that allows a person 2
attempts and if they receive a failing score after 2nd attempt then they
will need to pay to retake the course.

· Ability to set-up my own online training store within my site (a
training page) E-commerce option.

· Ability to offer discounts (discount code options).

· Ability to offer live trainings “webinars”.

· Flex, ability to offer my courses through affiliate marketers in
addition to having my own affiliate marketing system.

As a beginner and start-up I need a LMS that is easy to use and user
friendly for those that take the course using mobile and tablet devises,
and cost effective (meaning) no monthly fee.
I have a Responsive WP website “version 4.3.1, so I need the LMS to be

Hope all of this makes sense?