Help - how can I show progress in an obstacle course without characters?

Hi all, I'm quoting for a game design in Articulate Storyline, a series actually, of obstacle courses with information and practice on little bits of business writing, punctuation and grammar.  I was planning to have something like a climbing wall, where they can click on the hole in the wall, and if they get the question right, they get access to the next hole until they climb to the top and reach the next level, more content and a climbing rope challenge etc etc. I was going to use characters but we worked out the different poses for all the types of obstacle course would blow the budget out of the water.

How can I show progress, without a character?

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Bob S

One idea... Consider just showing a single character face of your mentor through the course; perhaps your "drill instructor" if this obstacle course is military themed for example.  Show just part of a close-up of the DI's face down in one corner before the first obstacle to introduce him, then again after each rung is achieved. He can say things like "Good job, solider. Keep climbing".... you get the idea.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Jacinta:

First thing I thought of was Jackie Van Nice's excellent quest/game template that a number of us worked with as part of David Anderson's Weekly challenge:

Jackie's post and template:

My "quest template" based on Jackie's (something like this might work for your obstacle course):

David Anderson's weekly challenge featuring Jackie's template:

Hope these give you a few ideas. Post back and let us know what you decided to go with. Best of luck, Daniel