Need graphic ideas for a Bootcamp learning theme pls

Inspiration pls? Need some graphic ideas that will work for an overarching Bootcamp theme. I have an client who is leading the way with adding game to her online courses. We are going to make a series of mini games, lots of activities in small modules. Its will have an overall Bootcamp theme, but I need design ideas, or examples of obstacles course activities eg Climbing wall. Can you help?

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Jacinta. It sounds like your client has some pretty fun ideas! Bootcamp, historically, has referenced a military training camp so, from a graphic design standpoint, it brings to my mind a neutral, earth-toned color palette with a serious, bold typeface and shapes that feel rough & ready.

For some visual inspiration, you might want to check out an Articulate Guru project from 2010 submitted by Kevin Thorn - Mission Turfgrass:  
It's got a military/bootcamp look/feel and might give you some ideas. Good luck & share your project with us when it's all done!

Bob S

Hi Jacinta,

For a specific listing of obstacles try searching "Darby Queen". That's the name of the infamous obstacle course that US Army Rangers go through.

Separate from that, you can think about CATM (target practice), tear gas tents, memorization drills, PT sessions, marching/facing practice, etc.  Lots of fodder out there for you with this theme.

Good luck!