Help, I need a video mentor!

Nov 06, 2014

My company you could say is behind the times with our training. I need to create a video for an onboarding project. My idea is to shoot video (several short interviews, 2-3 mins) with a phone or tablet, Youtube style, import the video into Storyline and edit together with added narration. I don't know if this is even possible or how to go about starting.


Can I shoot a video on a phone that could be imported into Storyline?

If yes, what would I need re. additional software, hardware etc.?

Is there someone outthere willing to help as my mentor?

I am clueless about how to go about this.



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David Anderson

Hi Ruth -

Storyline has a built-in editor that can easily help with trimming your video. For more involved edits, you may want to use a more robust video editor.

We recently had a weekly challenge on using smartphone videos for training. Some users worked with their phone's built-in editor, iMovie, and Storyline. Check out the challenge here: Smartphone video training.

Do you have a sample video you've recorded? If you could post the video and maybe a slide from your Storyline project, I'll be more than happy to help you.



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