Help with functionality!!



So, I've been set a task of creating a review tool in articulate storyline 3 (not 360).


I'm wanting certain functionality but I'm struggling to find out how to do it.


  1. A review slide. So I have a likert scale from 1 - 10 which I was hoping would tot up a score. (So if user selects 10 on one question, then 2 on another it adds the points up together then at the end of all the questions it gives a final score).
  2. Restrict scenes. Is there a way of restricting scenes. E.g. I don't want the user to access scene 2 until scene 1 has been completed.
  3. Menu page. I have set up a menu page and created triggers so a button changes colour wants it's been visited. Is there a way for it to change once a a scene has been visited?


I'd really appreciate guidance with this!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Isobelle,

Here's my advice:

1. By default, there's no score associated with likert questions. To achieve this, I would create a variable and some triggers that add the number the person selects the variable when they click.

2. Yes. There are many different ways to do that. One of the ways would be to disable or hide the next button for each slide until the person reaches the end of the timeline. You can do that using triggers. 

3. Yes. If you add a true/false variable to every slide in the scene and add a trigger that changes the variable to true when the learner arrives on the slide (or at the end of the timeline if you prefer) then you can add a "scene visited" state and trigger to the buttons on your menu slide that changes the state when the value of those variables are all set to true.

I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Adam Zamczyk

Hi Isobelle, 

re point 1. 
I prepared a quick Likert scale for you 

  • bespoke checkboxes (you can edit them as you want) and they are grouped as Button Set 1 and Button Set 2
  • select any checkbox and the value (which is in fact a variable named likert_1, likert_2 ..... ) will be assigned to the Variable Question_1_ans and Question_2_ans
  • next button becomes active when any of the Question_1 or 2 are changing, on condition that they both are not equal 0
  • on the 2nd slide the score is calculated with simple javascript (to add those 2 variables).

I hope that helps. 
here is the review link:

Attached the story file.