Help with importing excel tables into Storyline

Nov 08, 2018

I have tried more than once to insert tables from Excel into Storyline 360.  We have an internal customer (employee group) that wants to use e-learning for their training.  This group uses a lot of excel worksheets to record things.  Whenever I try to import them or copy and paste them into Storyline 360, it pastes extremely large and Storyline 360 freezes on me.  I have been able to create my own tables from scratch to try and mimic the ones they use in excel, but this is extremely time consuming and not as good as the actual table itself.  I have also tried copying and pasting these tables as images and screenshots, but the quality ends up being poor (images are blurry).  I was hoping that someone might be able to suggest another alternative, or can suggest the ideal font size/dimensions for copying and pasting objects like tables into Storyline 360.  Thank you.

- Alicia 

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Ren Gomez

Hi, Alicia,

I use Excel a lot and importing a table would be so useful!

One option you can try is to insert that data into Google Sheets (as a public doc) and embed as a web object into your slide. It's helpful because you can scroll through the sheet within the slide. There are other options in this article here that may give you more tips!

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