Help With Screen Record, Slide Transition, and Audio

I recorded step-by-step process for a sign-in process.  My challenge - the screen transitions to the next step before the audio ends and before the "click here" prompts.  I have tried revising elements in the time line, moving the cursor clicks closer to the end of the timeline or the instructional call outs and nothing seems to work.  Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paulette, 

I'd suggest sharing a copy of your .story file (even just a couple representative slides) so that folks in the community can take a look and offer some suggestions. The screen recording if inserted as step by step will strip out any recorded audio, so my assumption is that you've inserted in audio on the slide yourself. I'd also look at the triggers and slide properties associated with these slides to be sure it's not set to advance automatically.