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Oct 17, 2020


Hoping someone can help me with my icons not turning into the "visited" state even when they are visited? Attaching file.

Also, I put my text to speech audio on each layer as I thought that once they click a layer it will stop the audio on the main slide to stop automatically but that is not the case. Do I need to make a trigger for each time they click a layer to stop Audio 1 on the main slide?

Thanks in advance!


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Ned Whiteley

H Kathleen,

The problem with icons is that they often have a lot of dead space if they are on a transparent background as you have to actually click on part of the icon drawing itself.

What I prefer to do when I use icons, is to create a filled and 100% transparent rectangle (do not use a rectangle with no fill) over the top of them and set the trigger for when the rectangle is clicked. This gives you a much clearer clicking area. You will then need to set triggers to change the state of your icons to Visited when their respective rectangles are clicked.

To solve your other problem, you will need to either set a trigger to stop the audio on the base layer or set the layer properties for each layer to pause the timeline on the base layer:

This will also pause the audio and so is only really suitable if you don't return to the base layer, which I think is the case here, otherwise your audio will carry on where you left off.

If you have any further queries, just get back to me here.

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