Here's a custom drag & drop that was one of the bigger headaches I've given myself to date!

Dec 11, 2020

Hi all,

I built this as part of a course about company culture I worked on a couple years ago.

It started out as a simple drag & drop - dropping the value statements onto their corresponding icon...

Then I got a bit carried away...

I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted - clean, simple and colourful, and an  experience that feels more reactive and alive to the learners.

Here's a short list of  what I did to realise that:

  • Statements react to the mouse (movement)
  • Boxes that react to the statements (sound & movement)
  • Boxes that react once a drop is made (they close)
  • Icons & sounds to denote correct/incorrect drops

All this sounded pretty straight forward in my mind, but I was very new to SL and it turned out to be a challenge - as it stands, the slide has just over 100 triggers. I'm sure some of the wiring is probably more long-winded than necessary but I was inexperienced. 

Here's the project, have a go!

The file is attached, feel free to explore/use it if you wish :)


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