Hot spot vs image for Drag and Drop

I am building a variety of drag and drops where students select a button containing text, and drop it into the appropriate bucket (an image of a bucket). The buttons are set with normal, correct and incorrect states. 

My question: is there an advantage, or disadvantage, to making a hotspot on the bucket, or just having the drop target be the picture? I am having inconsistencies with the state change, and I don't know if that is why, or if it is something else. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Michelle Shomler

Can you change them to shapes, rather than buttons? Buttons have inherent states and don't always like new ones. :) Also, I think it needs to stay a drop target for the question to function as expected... try inserting the drag and drop interaction for Affinity from the Content Library to see what they did... the picture drop target doesn't change states, but the shape dropped on top does, and it's kind of transparent, so it seems like the states for both objects changed.