Hotspots within states

Oct 08, 2015

Hey Guys!

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of successfully using hotspots within a state?

I basically want to attached to function as a pop menu without using layers as I plan to use layers for a different purpose within the slides.

The function of the menu works, popping up and down when the user presses the ^ button but I can't get the hotspots I've included in the states to work. These should change the state of the feedback objects when clicked.

Any help appreciated! :)


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Emily

I assume you are talking about page 1 - the boy with the soccer ball.  This is because the slide master is your lowest layer, then anything on the slides sit on top again. Think of the master layout as the bottom sheet on your bed, then you put the top sheet (which you see and it hides the bottom sheet), then the blanket, which hides the top sheet. - hope that makes sense.  So what you'd need to do is have a guideline that sits at the top of your popup menu icon so you know where you can build objects on each slide.   I've drawn a line on the screen to show you what I mean and I've resized the image so you can see. 

I have attached your story file with the changes.Hope that helps - shout out if you need more help


Emily Bramley

Thanks Wendy - good work around!

I managed to come up with a way of doing it so that the image can fill the whole space so as not to interrupt the design. 

I created it so that the layers interact with each other rather than the base slide and set the button layer to show when the timeline starts - that way it's always infant of the image.


Tim Nixon

Hi Emily,

Hotspots appear disabled in states so I assume they don't work within states. The 100% transparent shape also does't seem to work within states, however variables do. See the attached file which shows layers being triggered from "buttons" within states using variables. Slide the slider to step 3 and 4 to see buttons. Hope this helps.

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