Hover over and status changes??

Mar 22, 2021

Hello again!

I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out...

I'm trying to make the "Right Arrow" clickable, but only after both hover-over's are changed to "state1" AND the timeline is done...

I feel like I'm close.. but it's not working : /

I know it's possible with Markers etc, but there must be a way to do it with the Layers as well?

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Adam Zamczyk

Hi Jay, 

If you want to make it easier to set-up, I would show the layers when a user clicks the buttons and then change the right arrow to normal when both buttons states are visited.

But it was your choice to show the layers when hovering over - hence you need some events and triggers to track when the layers are shown and triggers to change both buttons' states.
Plus, it's your additional condition that the timeline has to be ended (hence the timelinedone variable).

I like challenges and finding solutions. In my own builds I try to make things easy for learners, and make things unbreakable. It is a bad thing to have a nice looking eLearning module with great content but learners hate the navigation. 

Good luck with your build.