How can I create a multiple answer or brainstorming type slide?

Nov 28, 2011

Hi All

I would like to create an interaction where folks would type in answers to a list of acronyms. This does not need to be graded. I just need to figure out how to allow folks to type text into different boxes on the same screen. See attached sample. I tried to set this up in Quizmaker, but couldn't figure out how to get multiple answer boxes. I have attached a sample. Does anyone know of how I could make this work using Articulate? If not, is there another program I could use to create the interaction and insert it into Articulate?

Thanks for your help! Janet.

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Braden Gogel

Hi Janet,

I really like your proposed question format. Unfortunately I don't have the magic answer, but I'll suggest a possible work around for you. Have you considered using branching? You could ask the learner to click an acronym and then branch to a quiz with a single Fill in the Blank question. At the end of the quiz you could branch to the original slide or to a new slide that allows them to click another acronym.

I look forward to learning how you move forward!

Paul Kornman

You could use Flash, or even a simple html page (see below) as a WebObject.

You can have the HTML page on a server somewhere or use it locally

(directions for local WebObjects here:

Here's a quick (and simple) HTML page that might put you in the right direction: (It's attached)

Good Luck.

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