How Do I Do This? Conditions or Variables

Jul 05, 2022


I want the user to click all these buttons that lead to corresponding layers and then after they've viewed all the layers (4), then I'd like them to move automatically to a new slide to answer a question. I tried doing this with state changes to buttons but that didn't work. Is this where variables come into play?

Thank you!


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Veronica Nalley

Creating the quiz question in Rise is one option. If you want to keep it all in Storyline, you could add the same trigger to each of the 4 layers (create it in one, then copy/paste it into the other 3):

  • Jump to slide [question slide] when user [clicks close button] ...or whatever they do to get out of the layer.
    Condition: If the state of button 1 and button 2 and button 3 and button 4 are all Visited.

A little bit clunky, but it should work!