How do I get the timer to show in Articulate Video?

Jun 28, 2011

Hi, everyone:

When I insert my movie into my course, the video timer (which is present when I play it in movie programs, such as windows movie player) is not visible. Anyone know how to keep the timer or how to create a new one? Thanks so much. --Daniel 

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Robert Kennedy

Hi Dan,

You can't get that in Articulate per se.  But, here is a work around.

1. Upload your movie to youtube

2. Once the movie publishes, go to the page where you can play the movie (on youtube I mean)

3.  Hover your mouse over the movie and then right click.

4.  Click the option that says Pop Out

5.  Copy the URL at the top of the Pop Out window.

6.  Now create a web object in your Articulate course and use that URL that you copied from the Pop Out window.

You should now have a movie that play and has the time available once the user hovers over the course.

Of course, this is a work around and will ont work the same way if the user is not connected to the web.

Hope that helps some.

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