How do I post courses online?

I feel quite silly having to ask this seemingly simple question, but what is the easiest way to post a course online?  I am developing courses for an LMS and Sharepoint and it works effortlessly, but when I've attempted to share a course outside of these environments (such as through Dropbox), it hasn't worked as anticipated.  When I share the link rather than launching the course online, it offers a download button.  What am I doing wrong?  Here is a link as an example:

I appreciate your assistance!

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Linda Lorenzetti

Douglas, Did you put the published files in a file folder under the "Public" folder?  You will need to make files for "mobile" and "story_content" and the folders within and then copy the files into them.  Right click the story.html file and copy the public link.  That link should work, test it.

Douglas Audirsch

That was it!  So I had a Dropbox "problem" not an Articulate problem.  I thought that sharing my folder was enough, but moving that folder/subfolders to the Public folder solved it completely.  Such an easy fix.  Thanks a ton, I can't believe it was that simple! 

Have a great weekend!