How do you organize assets?

Mar 06, 2016

Hi Heroes,

Our elearning, graphic design and product development teams all purchase photos, illustrations and videos from an online provider.  We are looking for a way to organize these assets so that they are easy for everyone to search through and so that we avoid re-buying what others have already purchased.

I'm interested in learning what works for you.

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Steve Flowers

Hi Linda - 

Be sure to take a look at the licensing terms for each of purchased items. Lots of stock art restricts use to a single purchaser and sometimes to a single project.

Being an independent developer, I divide mine up by type at the top level. I try to use as few folders as possible in the setup. This means carefully naming the file. I also keep a running tab of where the graphic was used and the source of the image in a spreadsheet. If a graphic is licensed for "use once" I move it to another folder called "license-used".

  • graphic-assets
    • art
      • icons
      • illustrations
    • photos
    • compositions

I'm not sure my system would work well for larger teams. You might want to consider a system to track the assets. A tool like Picasa might help to explore the library. 

Nicole Legault

Hi Linda! Thanks for starting this discussion :)

You might also want to check out these resources...

Here's an article I wrote on the topic: Top 5 Tips for Managing E-Learning Assets

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Also, here's a few links to some helpful discussions from the community:

The discussions are a few years older but still have a lot of good relevant tips and tricks!

Hope this is helpful for you Linda. 

Leonora Bularzik

I keep all my photos, icons, etc organized by story.  Then we have a shared drive that we also put the pictures in by category so we can easily share them with others.  We mainly have people, places and things and then these are divided into categories such as old people, young people, families, etc.   This has always been a challenge, but works for us.  I recommend copying them and labeling them immediately, so you don't forget to do it.

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