How do you record screen and narration separately?

Normally when I do a screencast I record the narration on the go. However that means I cannot edit the audio I record (e.g. removing background noise) and was wondering how you do it? What is your process?

I can imagine I would:

  • script my text and record the screen while narrating (and not recording any audio, to get the timing right)
  • Record the audio separately while watching the video (to get the timing right)
  • Clean up the audio and add it to Storyline/Studio or Replay

Any tips and insights would be great!

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Jeff Batt

David - Yes Audacity is an awesome audio editor and it is free. You can record your audio and then insert it into your main timeline within Storyline. Once the audio is in you can time it up with your video. You may need to tweak your audio to follow along with the video or you can play your video as you start recording audio so you don't have to tweak it too much and you can get the timings right as you are recording.