How do you track changes from year to year in eLearning courses?

Oct 15, 2013

Does anyone have a process they use for tracking changes/updates to their eLearning from year to year?

Do you record just the content changes or specific page/location information? Do you get sign off from the stakeholders?

I'd love to know what has worked (or not worked) for you!

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Helena Froyton

I think that sign-off from stakeholders is a must, due to the fact that you want to make sure the content you are adding is the most current and updated one.  Without their approval, you might run into a situation in which you have developed training with outdated information and having to re-do the whole thing.  What has worked for me is having clear communication with the SME through phone calls, e-mails, but especially by getting sign-offs every step of the way through instructional strategies and storyboarding.  This way, they are involved throughout the process and know exactly what is taking place in regards to the training content. 

Cheryl Theis

We conduct a 6 month after launch review and then move to ayearly review.  Any changes that are sentby the SME team are recorded in an Excel Maintenance Log and sent with themaintenance email notification. Below is the email ‘template’ I use. Most of our modules are product related, so changes do occur. It is time consuming, but necessary for our sales team and associates to keep up to date. The maintenance log is a simple Excel file that has a column for theScreen Title and the requested change.

Hope this helps, Cheryl

To ensure our eLearning modules are kept up-to-date, areview occurs 6 months after a modulesinitial launch and then once every year. At this time, the XXX module is due for its schedule maintenance. If you feel the ownershipof this module should be assigned to a different Associate, please let me know.

The first step in the process was for my team to conduct areview of the module. Attached is the XXX_Maintenance_Audit form with our findings and any changes your team has sent sincethe module was launched.

As the owner of the XXXmodule, I am contacting you to find out if there have there been any system,data, product, or process changes that affect the content of the module. We askthat you or someone on your team reviews of the module on to verify nochanges are need. Please respond by XX.

·        If there are changes to be made, please email themin the form attached or set up a meeting to share the changes with me. Afterthe scope of the changes has been reviewed, the module’s maintenance will beworked into the schedule.

·        If there are no changes at this time, pleasesend an email to me indicating “No changes at this time.”

Anna Veach

Thanks Cheryl, your template will be very helpful for gathering information. I appreciate your willingness to share with everyone! (that's the best thing about this forum, everyone is willing to share)

I've worked out a way to create a log of the requested changes that I'm attaching to our Training Plan document and will add to it as we review the training courses again each year.

Helena, I think you have a great question, perhaps you should pose it in a new forum thread so that it doesn't get lost in here, that way others will be able to reply quickly when they see the topic.

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