How I Added a Storyline Interaction to a Rise 360 Course - 8 Mocktail Recipies

Nov 03, 2022

Sometimes Rise 360 is perfect for your needs, sometimes you need to add something from Storyline to augment Rise 360.  Here is how I did this.

8 Mocktail Recipes to Keep Dry January Going | Review 360 (

Adding A Storyline Component to Rise 360

The first step in adding a Storyline block to Rise 360 is to develop the Storyline component.  For this interaction I created a drag and drop following the theme and components of building this Mocktail.

After you build your Storyline interaction, save it to Review 360.

Once you save it you add it to your Rise 360 by adding a block from the Block Library.  Pretty easy.

Save your work and you got it.

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