New Rise Feature: Content Library integration

May 24, 2017

I'm excited to let you know that you can now add Content Library photos and illustrations to your Rise lessons. You can search Content Library right from within Rise and add images with one click.

Check out this Peek video to see how easy it is:

We'll be adding integration with Content Library icons and characters down the road.

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Stella Blokpoel

I'm very excited about this new feature, but I'm also wondering: is it also possible to import the characters from the content library we use in Storyline? You know, the photo's of the characters in various positions with various expressions? Is that elaborate library also available? That will be a great help.

Thanks in advance for your reply,



Jim Vale

Thanks for this, and for taking the time to record that screencast!

Notwithstanding how delighted I am by the general integration of content library media everywhere else, it would be handy if the main labelled graphics could be sourced from content library too.


For context - I'm building an interaction where learners can explore how substance abuse affects different areas of the brain, so all I need is a nice, high-def image of a head to host the markers in vaguely anatomically accurate positions (ie, over the frontal cortex, over the hippocampus etc). It's not a huge hassle to find one elsewhere that meets my needs - but would be nice if I could use content library for that too.


Again, thanks for this, and for the frequent updates to Rise!

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