New Rise Feature: Content Library integration

I'm excited to let you know that you can now add Content Library photos and illustrations to your Rise lessons. You can search Content Library right from within Rise and add images with one click.

Check out this Peek video to see how easy it is:

We'll be adding integration with Content Library icons and characters down the road.

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Teeku Patel


I had a question regarding uploading images to Rise. I took a screenshot using the snipping tool on Windows, saved it as a .PNG file and it looks great and sharp on my computer. When I upload it to Rise to use in a block, the resulting image looks like it has been compressed and is not sharp. What are the recommended image specifications for good quality images that are uploaded by users? 

Thank you


Gerhard Smith

Need help please. When I visit the content library in Rise it doesn't display picture or videos but rather a picture thumbnail. It allows me to attache the file and the picture open after it was attahced to the page but doing this everytime to find a picture is not my idea of building a beautiful Rise module. Thanks :-)  

Gerhard Smith

Hi Leslie, thank you for the warm welcome :-)

I am using Google Chrome.  Yesterday I came accross a section in the library where pictures are open and others stay as thumbnails. See attached picture. 

The library suggestions you've managed to open as a list I can only see after the import to the module has completed. 

Thanks for your help Leslie.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Renee! Glad to hear that you are liking this update :) Thanks for sharing.

Photos and Illustrations can be utilized at this time as you can see here.

You are welcome to share your thoughts with our team here about the ability to see Content Library videos included with Rise as well. 

You can certainly use them today with Storyline and this is a great article on choosing the right tool :)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Molly,

Sorry that you're struggling to get the images of Content library in Rise. Does this only happen in Rise or have you tried in any of the other tools (Storyline, Quizmaker, etc.)? 

Have you checked to see that the network endpoints here are allowed?  

Let me know if you still have issues after checking the endpoints, and I'll get you connected with a Support Engineer!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Loretta, welcome to the E-Learning  Heroes community! 

Which lesson type are you looking to add the content library image too?

If you're looking to replace the template image of a labelled graphic, that does not allow you to use Content Library for the base image (you can search Content Library for images inserted into the markers).  Take a look at Adam's video here for more explanation!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Teenya, 

Are you looking for an easy way to search in Content Library for an image you already added to your Rise course? I could see how that would help and make things easier if you had a library or "recently viewed" section. Our product team loves hearing new ideas! If you'd like to, share yours with us right here. 😁