Sep 08, 2022

I have designed a number of eLearning courses which are being hosted/sold via an MOOC. I've been approached by a company to purchase some of the courses as SCORM files for them to personalise for their employees and host on their LMS. I've no idea how much to ask for, any help or advice will be well received. Thanks in advance.

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David Tait

It's a difficult one to work out. 

If they want to customise the courses, they're going to need the source files, which means that you're handing over everything, not just a SCORM package. You may want to look in to licensing agreements that prevent them from claiming ownership of the content, and reselling it etc.

If you don't want to hand over the source files, perhaps you could strike a deal with them whereby you carry out the modfications and just provide them with the SCORM files afterwards. You'd still need to consider a licensing agreement though.

As for cost, you're going to need to factor in the value the content has in the marketplace. Is the content unique or if you don't deal with the customer, can they find a replacement elsewhere? If your content is unique, can the customer live without it or not? If they can't, and the success of their course depends on the inclusion of your content, then you have a stronger case to charge more.

Also worth considering is how many people are going to be accessing your content? If there are a lot of users who are going to be paying your customer for access, then you're going to want to be remumerated accordingly. 

When considering licensing, would you want an annual fee for continued useage, or would you just want a one off payment? If the customer only pays for one year, how will you know they've stopped using the content etc.