How to combine 2 or more courses into 1

Jun 06, 2016

I'm using Presenter 13 and PPT. I have created several courses that I want to combine into a single advanced course. All contain audio and video. When I cut and paste PPT course #1 into PPT course # 2 and then publish it, my audio and video from PPT #1 no longer exists. What's the best way to combine separate courses containing audio & video? Are there considerations I need to know about regarding the servers and folders that they reside in? - Thanks!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Mick,

First, just to clarify, the suggested method for merging two or more Articulate presentations into one is to: 

  1. Open both PowerPoint files (the source files for your projects), and select which file will become the master. 
  2. In the secondary presentation(s), click in the slide view area, and press CTRL+C to copy all slides. 
  3. Switch to the master file. Click in the slide view area, and press CTRL+V to paste the copied slides. 
  4. Export the audio from each secondary presentation using these steps.
  5. Then import the audio files into the master presentation following these steps

Do you think you may have done Steps 1 - 3, but not 4 & 5?

Steps 4 & 5 of the above process should address your audio needs, but your videos will need to be reinserted into the new master presentation file as a web object. Here's a nice how-to article from our Knowledge Base that walks through this.

In terms of file considerations, in general, we recommend that you create and edit project files from your local drive, rather than a network drive to avoid technical glitches like crashing or file corruption, for instance. There are some more tips & recommendations for project troubleshooting here.

You may find that folks in the Articulate Studio forum have some more best practice pointers for merging projects that I haven't thought of, so definitely post your questions there if the resources I've provided aren't addressing your needs.

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