How to convert a screenshot or PDF into a vector file?

Jan 04, 2019

*** Update *** I have since learned that Articulate does not seem to support vector files...  I also know that we cannot use online documents in office 365 because of how my employer configured office 365.   With that additional context, what are some suggestions for file formats that would have a better resolution than a screenshot?


Hi Articulate Friends,

   I use a lot of screenshots for training, and have run into the issue that screenshots do not tend to look very good in articulate.  I am trying to come up with some creative ways to work around this- e.g. learn how to convert a PDF into a vector file in adobe illustrator.  (The screenshots are mostly of PDF documents).  

Is that the best way to help ensure that the quality of the image stays intact, or is there something else that you all could suggest?

Thank you,


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Alicia,

How are you taking your screenshots? Are you doing them directly in Articulate or are you doing them outside of Articulate and bringing them in as images?

If you're doing the latter, I would recommend doing the former because it allows you to choose the exact size of your course when you're taking your screenshot. That way you don't need to resize the screenshots, which can result in loss of quality.

Alicia Breig

I suppose it depends on what exactly I am taking a screenshot of.  I appreciate the tip, it does help for some things, however, for some of my images I still have to resize them, even after taking a screenshot directly in articulate.  And for some of them, the screenshot is still blurry even if I don't resize the image.   I have attached an example.  I used Articulate to take the screenshot, have not edited the image, and it is still a little bit blurry.  

Whenever I take a screenshot of a regular Letter-sized document, it also comes out blurry.  

I do closeups of specific parts of a document whenever I can - that helps some with the blurriness, but my manager and others at my company are asking me to produce clear images of the screenshots of systems and documents in their entirety, in the training.  By entirety I mean a clear image of the full first page of a document, or a clear image of the homepage of a system or website, like the attached.  

Is there a file type that you might be able to recommend that I convert the screenshot to?  

Allison LaMotte

If you use the screencast feature in Storyline to take your screenshot, you shouldn't have to resize it because you can choose the exact size you need. 

Question about your screenshots: do they appear crip prior to being inserted into Storyline? If so, I would suggest connecting with our support team to see what could be happening when you insert them.

This article may also be helpful to you.

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