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Joshua Norgaard

You can create a facsimile of this in PPT.

  • Start with a text box and type in the desired phrase with the desired font/color
  • Next select the Drawing Tools on the Ribbion.
  • Under Word Art you can select a syle if you like or leave it flat.
  • Select Text Effects and 3D Rotation
  • Select the desired view point
  • Next select box just under "Text Effects" in the lower right corner of the WordArt styles box.
  • Select 3d Format
  • Under Depth increase the Depth to the desired number.
  • Add any shadows or reflections your heart desires.
  • Now simply use the format painter and apply to other text.

Hopefully this was helpful.

Nancy Woinoski

It still works - I think Joshua was suggesting that you can apply the format painter in PowerPoint to other text boxes in PowerPoint. Once you get the text looking the way you want in PowerPoint, you can import it to Storyline. When you import, it will come in as a graphic so will not be editable once in Storyline.