How to create a car dashboard?

Sep 08, 2011

Hi all,

I will be doing a project on leadership (self- leadership) and today in the meeting clients wanted a car dashboard kinda theme. Sitting behind the wheels and looking on an open road.

The idea is the taking this leadership course will help individuals advance in their career goals and help them become leaders.

So I wanted to know if someone know how to create a dashboard or any free images that I can use as a theme.

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Linda Lorenzetti


Does it need to be a drawn image or can you take a photo and remove the windshield?  You can move a still photo behind the image to simulate movement, or if you use Quizmaker, you could insert a background movie behind it

Simon Perkins

David, I just entered 'dashboard' and it came up with a bunch of images.  You can also string keywords together, plus iStock also offers a handful of filters so you can narrow down your selection.

Here are some examples:

So you can mix and match whatever you want against your own images etc ...

I think most of the above were about £5-15 each.

Randy Borum

@Sid - There are a bunch of sites that have open source images of dashboard elements.  Here is one.

You can even  find Photoshop Brushes that have some of those elements as vectors.  There is not much to the actual "dashboard"  - it is the elements that take time if you draw them yourself.  So with these free elements, a swipe of your mouse, and a free stock FPV road to put in the background (maybe something like thisthis, this, or this - or whatever) you can probably put that together in under an hour.   

tin C

Thanks all for your replies and suggestions. Currently I only have access to There are not many choices out there in that website, I like the first photo that Simon posted however, I would like the whole dashboard instead of just the steering wheel and odometer.

I like the road though in front of it.

tin C

Hi all,

Looks like the car dashboard idea has been replaced by a moving car. I want to be able to give an effect that the car is moving on the road and passing road signs which are three segments within the course. and the destination is leadership.

I am attaching the presentation of what I have done so far, but I am not being able to create the effect, right now it looks a little sloppy. I am hoping someone here could help me out.

Also there are two images 1 two people in the car, 2 one man driving the car. I don't know which one to use.


Kristen Hull

I'm not good at animations, but I tried to make the signs look a little more realistic.  I darkened the color, changed the shape, and added 3D and shadow format. I don't know if you think it is an improvement, so feel to ignore this! 

It would be really cool if you could keep the car still and move the signs and highway, but I'm not nearly savvy enough to figure that out (and maybe it requires Flash).

tin C

Kristen, Thanks for making the sign realistic. I really like it, I also want to add yellow exit text box in the empty green box next to the leadership box.

How do I create a round text box withing the smaller green text box on the left.

I don't know how to keep the car still and the sign and highway move so it gives an effect of movement. I am very new to this, so everything is a learning experience for me.

I hope someone here know,if it requires flash then I guess it will be a no go for me.

Kristen Hull

Are you formatting the text box?  I think that will prevent you from changing the shape.  I insert the Rounded Rectangle shape and format that.  Then I insert a text box and only change the font stuff.  I keep the text box on no fill, no line, no color.  I think that method offers a bit more flexibility.  I hope that helps!

Keith Carter


I have created this very simple storyline project around a similar theme. Its worth noting that it was created using free resources using a Google labelled for reuse search.


I simply found a picture of the inside of a car/dashboard and used powerpoint to remove the view in the windscreen so i could replace it with anything i wanted.

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