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Shailesh Gurav

Hi Erickson,

Thank you for your reply.

This is different from what actually I was looking for. In the above link, we are restricting user to progress to next slide by adding authentication step. (username and password).

Actually, I don't want anyone to edit my storyline project file, so I need a password protection to the storyline project file to open. Like we have in Microsoft Word - you can password protect your document and restrict other users from editing or making any changes to the document.

I don't think we've something like this in Storyline.

Shailesh Gurav

Hi Ruth, 

Actually, there is no way you can do it with the help of Storyline, as I don't see any option that supports this security feature. So finally after searching all the open-source tools out there in market, I've started using BitLocker feature in Windows (pre-installed in my Laptop's OS).

Hope this would help you in same way.