How to share and view published SL files online (with Dropbox)?

Jun 30, 2014

I want to be able to share a published SL file with someone and have them view it online, without having to download it. How can I do this?

I have a personal Dropbox account that was issued before Public folders were eliminated, and I've been able to put published Storyline files there, right-click the html file in the published folder, and share it with others online. All they see is my published SL file. There's no downloading; it's a simple solution for sharing and viewing the file right online.

However, I'm now using a business Dropbox folder that doesn't have a Public folder. When I right-click to "Share Dropbox link" it forces end users to download a file; there doesn't seem to be a way to view a published SL file online anymore. Does that make sense? I desperately want this functionality! Am I just overlooking how to do this in Dropbox? Can anyone help? Or is there another solution out there that I can use instead? 

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Joshua Roberts

Hello Laura,

I think the majority of users here would use Googledrive in order to do this so that you can view the storyline output in a browser in order to review it etc.

There is a really handy guide that Mike put together the link is here -

This should allow you to do what you intend.

Tim Shelton

If you want to use Dropbox the only way is for you to share a folder with your intended recipient and for them to have a dropbox copy of the same shared folder that way you can send files to them by putting it in the shared folder. Once you have shared the folder and put your output into the folder they can launch it as they have a local copy of it.

Its better to use a web server where you can upload a folder of content and send out a URL link. This way you can share without handing over all the content and its a bit more secure, this could even be a hidden protected domain for extra security.

D Rooks

I use  It creates a link that will launch the training as it would appear in an LMS.  The link automatically expires after 10 days.  Make sure you save the link somewhere for yourself.  There is no way to retrieve them, you'd have to re-upload the file.

Then you can use dropbox to share your author file and SCORM package when you're ready.

Hope that helps!

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