How to show an existing story project within a new story project

I am creating a project wherin I want stakeholders to see what projects have been created using story line.

I am wondering if its possible to have a marker saying stoyline and then some text saying click her eto see an example and whne they do they can see the existing storyline project.

If i cannot include it withing a marker, is ther any other way to do what I want to?

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tin C

Well, I am trying to create a project which basically gives information about our departement and what we do to the other businesses of the company.

Instead of showing them the course that  I have already created. I want to creat a storyline project fist slide introduction of the group, second slide has varioud things that our department does and this would be a simple graphic like a laptop and markers on it. Clicking on each marker they woudl see teh various functions. I was hoping that from one of the markers which will be e-learn, they could click and see an actual course built with storyline.

I think there is limitations to what can go within a market. I can change that to a hotspot and when they click. it would launch the finished storyline couse either as a lightbox or another slide.

I hope this makes sense.

Jessie Upp

I posted this inquiry under a different thread and it was suggested I come to this thread to see if it helped me. I'm not seeing how, but maybe I'm missing something...

I published a storyline project and want to use the flash file in another project. I found the source flash file and tried to import it in another program (Prezi) and it won't load.

Can I use the flash source file to import it anywhere else?