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Sep 28, 2019


Is there anyone on here who publishes the course as html 5 or wraps it in an app?

I'm new to Articulate and course building and would like to understand how you host the course and allow people to access it.

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Judy Nollet

Articulate software lets you publish a course as HTML5 for the web or for an LMS.

  • You could upload the web version to any website. Access would be provided as per any other website. However, using this method won't track the user's behavior.
  • The LMS version includes the extra files needed so the course can be launched, resumed, and scored in a Learning Management System (such as Cornerstone, Saba, etc.).
    • Be aware that there are different publishing settings, because not all LMS's use the same ones. So you'd need to work with the LMS team to find out what settings to use.

For more information about  how to publish courses, I suggest you go through the Articulate tutorials and user guides.

Ben Liff

I am about to publish my first Storyline 3 as an HTML5 in Canvas. 

I'm using a basic iframe...all tests so far have worked pretty ok! We're using it only to deliver content and not collect any data or submissions. Baby steps. 

I am certainly not an articulate expert by any means, but I'd say it depends on the purpose of your course and what platform you're using to deliver it.

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