I am asking for ideas for a course...

Mar 02, 2012

I have a course that i want to make better and need ideas! 

Basically, this course is all about teaching our property managers the different parts of a Certificate of Insurance form, and what they need to look for/how it should be completed when they receive it from a vendor's or tenant's insurance company.

my current boring course:  i zoom in on the various sections and explain each one, what information should be there, and what each section means. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

If anyone has any ideas, i would love your input!

an example of the form is attached.


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Patti Bryant


This reminds me of a discussion in the forums a while back. A forum user had a "Position Description" form that needed to be completed and asked for some ideas. Maybe one of these ideas will help you.  The discussion is located here: http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/1264/6721.aspx#6721 

Also, I had a somewhat similar project. The SME told me that learners needed to enter incidents in a software system. She wanted the fields explained (what to enter in each field, etc.). In probing, I found that learners also needed to know WHAT to enter in the system as well. So, I started off with some situations that occur that would cause the input to be necessary. After reviewing scenarios, the learners are taken to the "Software Demo" section where they see how to input the necessary information. This is somewhat like the forms idea that you have. If you want to take a look at the course I created, it's here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37915372/Software%20Example%20Course/player.html (Click "no" if it asks you if you want to resume where you left off).

I hope this helps!

Tallis Lockos

@ Donna-

 In this case, a property manager receives these Certificates of Insurance, and has to

1. make sure the proper fields are populated.

2. read a lease or contract, understand the coverage requirements, and then verify that this form reflects those requirements.

@ Patti- very helpful! thanks for the link to the discussion. I will use this approach for part of the course.

i love your "software demo" as well.

@ Eric-

I am, unfortunately, in a situtation where "an E-learning" couse is thought to be the solution for everything related to training.

Bruce Graham


USe labelled graphic to explain WHAT, then do an exercise to get them to think about the implications of NOT GETTING IT RIGHT.

You have some powerful words like "verify" - show them examples and consequences of where people FAILED to verify.

Often the best way to show people how to do something is getting them to figure out what happens if they do NOT get ot right.

Good luck.


Bruce Graham

The beauty of that method is that people come to their own conclusions. An idea that is generated "by self", rather than being "told" by someone is that it is more likely to be "sticky".

Another GREAT techniqwue is absurdity.

Explain to them that actually it's ok NOT to worry about the right fields, after all.....does it REALLY matter if someone runs a business from a household premises  - NAAAH, of course it doesn't.

You need to be really creative here, and then ultimately bring them back to "reality" but it can be a very powerful technique. Similar to what "The Fool" in ancient times used to do - use subtle but abssurd examples to make people (such as the Royalty of the day) come to conclusions they might not have done.

See "The 5 Faces of Genius" book for more information, a BRILLIANT read.


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