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Apr 22, 2021

Hi Team,

I'm looking for a great icon resource that I don't have to waste time creating so many since PPT doesn't have a lot of the ones I'm looking for. I have access to Adobe Creative Cloud but haven't found anything in that suite with icons. Supposedly Adobe Spark has them, but Spark isn't included in the Creative Cloud subscription.

I've been asking my boss for a subscription to The Noun Project but have been asked to see if anything in Adobe has them first. I've been finding ones I like on there and trying to recreate them in PPT.

1. Does anyone know if any Adobe has anything for icons?

2. What other resources do you like to use for icons?
If we end up getting a subscription to something I want a great resource that's easy to use and royalty-free and attribution-free.

3. I also don't see any icons (other than for markers) in SL3. I know SL360 has some. Are there some in SL3 that I don't know about?

Thanks in advance!

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Brooke Massey

Hello Philip,

I have a resource that falls into question #2. It is a list of free tools for learning designers. You have to look through them to find specifically what you are looking for, but I have found them useful! The first resource on the list has a ton of free-stock things. Hope this helps!




Philip Deer

Thank you, Sally!

I have access to Adobe Illustrator but have not located the icons. Might you be able to point me in the direction of where to find them, please? I have been looking and even tried Googleing it and looking within Adobe's search function and nothing is coming up for me.

Thanks in advance!

John Glasgow

Hi Phillip

I did have a licence for for a couple of years, but after that expired I started using Flaticon.com

They host stock icons from adobe and others but also supply a huge range of 'Free' yes free icons you can use as long as you credit them. Under the so called creative commons licence.

Here is a link.  https://www.flaticon.com/