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Bianca Woods

Hi April,

This is a great question that applies not just to Rise courses but any course or project where you want your images to balance feeling like they belong together but not feeling repetitive.

What I find helpful is to decide on a few design elements I want the images to have in common so there's a visual link between everything. This can include things like:

  • Choosing to use photos or illustrations (you don't always have to choose just one in a project, but for the covers you might want to).
  • Picking a similar color scheme all your images will have in common.
  • Using illustrations done in a similar drawing style (this makes your images seem similar even if the subject matter of each one is quite different).
  • Deciding to use only images with people in them (or only images without people).
  • If you include people in your images, deciding on if you want them to always look at the camera or never look at the camera.
  • Choosing close up images (or the opposite: images that are all shot from far away).

This is just a tiny selection of the things images can have in common, so definitely get creative with what you decide are your visual links.