Ideas for showing 'filling out a form'

Sep 14, 2012

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas for the best way to show filling out a form? It's quite a complex educational 'mapping' exercise' where the person needs to tick/add a code to reference objectives met with where they have met this in their different assignments. I'm thinking of adding a screencast as a video (not sure what software to use?) of this and having the document as word file for individuals to complete.



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Phil Mayor

Not sure I am an expert or ever will be, I built this a while back

There is a section in there on how to complete a form, the navigation is a bit dodgy on this course (I keep getting lost) and there is no audio as it was meant to be used in a clinical area.

You could use a google form inserted as a web object, this way you can also collect the data.

Another solution is to build the form in Storyline and then publish and screen record yourself completing it.

David Anderson

Nice sample, Phil... You have some really great things going on there. The interactive document w/markers and rollovers is a great example of form-based training.

Susan, for some more ideas, you could check out the interactive document examples on this site. Nearly every example could be created in Storyline... Phil demonstrated a few in his example.

Nice project, Phil!

Ashley W

So, Phil, I'm just wondering, how did you get the zoom to occur on the click of an image?  Was the user taken back to the initial state of the slide when they pushed "Next"?

My problem is, I made this entirely too big training, and now we're assessing what has changed, and it appears that in the last five months, all of our paperwork got updated.  I originally had the document with markers on each section of how to fill it out, but now the document is just too big to fit on the sheet.  So, I'm trying to think of a new/better way to present the information.  I wish the zoom function worked a little better (i.e., the user could zoom out when they want to), then I would just have hotspots to zoom and info inside of those zooms.

I'm just over all of these markers on the page, they're pretty ugly, all things considered lol.

Ann Willams

Hi there

I'm new to e-learning and am currently working on my second project. I found this thread as I too have a project to create which shows the filling in of a form. I really like the example shown in but I cannot work out how to create the click to zoom function - could you give me some guidance? I would really appreciate it! I've had no formal training so I'm trying to teach myself as I go along. Thanks!

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