Drag an object back and forth freely


I'm looking for suggestions for a quiz I need to build. The learner is to fill out a form based on information on a second form that will be accessed either on a layer or a lightbox slide. The form filling part is standard stuff, but the reference form is where I need some ideas. It's a very wide image and in order to be readable, it is about double the player width.

Is there a way to make the form/object freely draggable by the user, to allow them to follow lines on the form?

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Steve VE

This may work:

  1. Create a background shape or image. It doesn't matter what it is but it should fill the viewable area.
  2. Turn your form into a button.
  3. Select the button.
  4. Add the trigger: Change state of button1 to Normal When the user drags shape over Picture1 (or whatever the background shape/image is called.