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Jul 18, 2011


I am working on a module that gives instructions on how to fill out a form.  The client would like to provide a scenario for filling out the form and then have the learners fill out the form.  Has anyone ever done anything like this using quizmaker or engage?  I'm looking for ideas to make this work but i'm not sure it's doable.

Any suggestions would be great and much appreciated!

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David Anderson

Hi Diana - There are several ideas that might help.

Engage's Labeled Graphic is a great way to provide the "review" layer of the document form. Drop a marker over each area and provide some additional context and images or even videos to support what each field is about.

Quizmaker - Tom put a demo together a while back that shows how you could create a software demo in Quizmaker:

Here's a recent post from Tom on using Interactive Tables:

And something I put together based on a  WSJ graphic . Using hidden slides and branching, it was actually easy to create.

  • Interactive tables: Preview (The only active cell is David Co. Be sure to click the mini-graph headings within the David Co. popup)
  • Source Files: download

Screencast tutorials:

  1. Overview (pt.1)
  2. Inserting the table & customizing Slide Master (pt.2)
  3. Creating sub-slides, hyperlinks and close button (pt.3)
  4. Duplicating sub-slides and hyperlinking the mini-table (pt.4)
  5. Creating the fading, animated transition slide (pt.5)
  6. Customizing the player template & using the template (pt.6)
  7. UPDATE: Creating 2nd Slide Master w/o hyperlinks to prevent unintended linking

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