Ideas for Training Software

Oct 25, 2022

Hi guys! We are currently using Storyline 360 to train a specific software our offices use. Within that course, we are using hotspots, triggers, variables, etc. to make it more realistic and interactive. Unfortunately, our learners are not responding well to this type of training for a robust software. Do you have any recommendations for training software virtually that's not a webinar? Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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Bianca Woods

Hi Kennedy and welcome to the community!

There are lots of different ways to approach software training online. So I'm sure we can find an approach that your learners will respond better to.

To help us give you more targeted advice, could you tell us more about these three questions?

  • What are the learning/business goals for this software training?
  • Are there more details about how your current training works that you can share (such as course length, how the content is broken up, etc)?
  • You mentioned your learners aren't responding well to the current training. What is telling you that? Poor performance in the software after training? Direct learner feedback? Low scores in your course assessment? Something else?
Mathew Meyer

My organization is currently in the "go live" phase of a drastic change in our business operating system.  We have had to create "how to" courses that teach the different departments how to do their daily tasks within the new software program.   We accomplished this within Storyline 360. 

This is probably an idea that Bianca would recommend based on your answers to her questions. but here is an example of what we have done leading up to "go live".

We created 9 courses covering topics so as not to overwhelm the learner and to allow for the courses to be taken in repetition to build muscle memory. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.