Images not appearing in slide view but in timeline

Oct 24, 2016

Hi all, 

I've had a few slides in which images disappear in preview mode and in slide view even thought I can see the images in the timeline and they were working the last time I opened the file and have not changed those particular slides since. This means I'll have to re-build entire slides. I'm using Storyline 2 and this has been happening in several projects recently. I can click on the image and grab the points to re-size but it's "invisible."

What's happening?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Courtney

not saying you have created states, but the normal state of the object is showing no image.

See attached...I inserted this image on my slide and the normal state is a thumbnail of the image itself.  When you look at yours there is no image displaying in the normal state.

Can you attach the womans head.png image here and I'll see what happens when I insert it.

Also, can you check your Windows DPI setting is 96dpi - see this article

Courtney Keefe

Hi Wendy, 

There's a group of them not appearing, including the woman's head attached. I've just opened the article you sent and will have a look. Much appreciated. I'm having the same problem with a video. The problem is this slide was working perfectly last week, functionality, animations and all. 


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