Import Slides into a Smaller Project File

Hi all,

I am having an issue with my story file resizing when I import another project into it. I forgot that the other story file that I am importing into is larger. Thus, my current project that is smaller gets the player resized. The file crashed several times and then I took out the imported files to find the player remained larger no matter what (even when the dimensions of the file remained the same). Is there anyway to recover from this? The file is pretty huge and is trigger happy so I can't quickly rebuild it. Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Note that I understand the concept of placing a larger file into a smaller one, I just forgot both projects weren't the same size. Thanks!

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Brian E.W. McNulty

I haven't had success before fixing this, but I noticed when I put the files into a new project and checked some of the Question Banks that it added a Submit button. I typically use my own Submit buttons and this caused the additional real estate on the player. This hasn't always happened when I have "accidentally" imported slides that are larger so if anyone still knows a workaround, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Brian E.W. McNulty

Actually, I believe it is a bug because it has happened before without the presence of the Next, Previous, or Submit buttons on the player. AS2 crashed when the one project was merged with the smaller one. I just need to remember when one project is larger than the other. Thanks for the reply though!