In the spirit of giving back... What's your eLearning template wishlist for 2015?

So I've been doing this for a while, but haven't been terribly outwardly involved in the larger eLearning community (don't worry, I'm punishing myself appropriately for that). I've decided it's time for that to change, and I'd like to both contribute knowledge and tangibles in the process.

Basically, I'm going to commit myself to designing a free SL template each month in 2015, which I will make available for download through my website. I'm not sure about the release schedule yet, but I'll be sure to tweet out the info and post here as well.

To go a step further, I really want to know what people are looking for, especially those new to the field. I know it's much easier to get started on projects with an existing foundation, and I know I learned a lot early on by seeing how people built their projects.

I think it would be great if others want to get involved as well... Maybe even a team effort of sorts.

So let me know: 
What kind of templates do you want? (industry, purpose, navigation style, anything you can think of)
Your intended usage. (I'll be sure to include info on any images/graphics/fonts used and their attribution level.)

Hope to hear from lots of people!

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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Rich!

Good for you for getting more involved. No need to punish yourself for not doing it earlier - we all get here in different ways and on our own schedules. :)

I'm simply terrible about making and using templates since I love to build from scratch - but my simple suggestion would be to leverage what you're already doing in the challenges and create a template out of whatever you create there each week.

And if someone suggests a particular type of template you'd like to create - just take that into consideration as you're designing your challenge and knock off both things at once!

Rich Cordrey


I completely agree. I build all my projects from the ground up, but I know there are lots of occasions where (especially new) designers could spend their time on more productive development, learning the ins-and-outs of the software, etc. if they didn't have to plan and create a whole scheme first. That's really where I hope this helps out.

And I think several of them will probably grow out of the challenges, as you mentioned. I'm going to hit #50 next, and that seems like a natural template to distribute.

Thanks for weighing in!

David Anderson

Some popular templates include:

  • Tabs interactions (Downloads, Challenge)
  • Scenario templates (conversations, branching)
  • Themed templates

Here's a recap of some of the more popular Storyline 2 examples:

Personally, just about anything you share will be appreciated:-)

Rich Cordrey

Great point, David!

I imagine most will fall within those areas, since they're used in practice most often. Hopefully there are some specific requests (I've received some through my site already) to narrow down what people are looking for.

I may also consider a walkthrough on them, aimed at explaining why/how the development process proceeded. I'll have to wait and see if that kind of time is possible between work,  teaching classes, and side projects!

Rich Cordrey


I think that's a great area for templates as well. A bit tricky due to making the basic interaction paths as accommodating as possible (and making sure that resources such as character models being used are accessible to all who may d/l the template), but I agree that at least a few of those should be on my list to whip up... Thanks for the input!

Rich Cordrey

So from the feedback I've received, I'm thinking of going in this direction:

4 Game Templates
2 Scenario Templates
2 Multi-application Tab Templates
4 Industry-Themed Templates (with multiple possible applications)

I'm still open to specific requests within this framework, however!

Rich Cordrey

I'm still working through the list of what to create and how deep to go with the templates (I'd like them to be as robust as possible), but I decided I had to get the first one out there. Based on #ELHChallenge 6, I've got this one out for download:

Direct download link: