Incorporating optional parameters in You tube objects

I have included some of the optional parameters for YouTube Web Objects in my you tube embedded slides, but they do not appear to work. I'm trying to get my you tube video to loop and stop the automatic follow on to the next you tube video, using this code : rel=0&loop=1&playlist=video_id

But it doesn't work. I've copied from the tutorial, but cant work out why its not working, and wondered if anyone could help ?

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Altan Ahmet

HI Jacob,

what does this code mean  "4545655645" ?

And am I correct in assuming that " video_id" is the descriptor for the video and you copy that rather than "video_id"?

Lastly is it a case of having a loop "loop=1" or alternatively not starting the next video "ref=0" as its not possible to have both ?

Jacob Selin

Ok. Lets say i want to include into my storyline file and adding some additional parameters to it. 

1) Go to that page and right-click on the film. Choose "Copy embedded code"
Like <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

2) Clean the link from unneccesary stuff so it look like" 

3) Add som parameters 


You can also look att this forum-link  and this knowledgebase article


Altan Ahmet

HI Jacob

Thanks for this, I don't have any problem incorporating the video in to the slide and getting it to play.

My problem is with the optional parameters, I cant get them to work. At the moment my videos follow on to the next video and I don't want this. I either want it to stop or loop but not carry on