Indicator to count how many times a quiz was taken?

Here's a new issue we're considering, and I'd like thoughts on the feasibility as well as any instructional design concerns on this. 

In response to some of the help emails coming in from the field, I wonder if there's a way to track and tell the user how many times they've attempted the quiz. We do NOT want to restrict the number of attempts, just show, like with a counter, how many times they've taken it.

My concern about a counter is it won't reflect the true number of attempts if they start the course over from the beginning. I can't think of any way other than a counter, but perhaps someone else can.




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Michelle Leon

I would do as John Nixdorf suggested. It depends on why you want to show them how many times. If you use a counter variable, it would not reset when the learner navigates to the beginning of the course.

You just have to make sure that when they go back to the module (at a later time), they do not start from the beginning but rather, resume from where they left off. If it takes them back to the end of the module, there should be a button there that will take them to the beginning where the variable displays how many times they have attempted the test.