Innovative Survey - Using Storyline

Good Morning all

I have been approached by a client who has a clear idea on what they want to create a 'Innovative Staff Survey', what I am currently struggling with is - Is it possible to create this in Storyline?

Here is the idea I have been given...

There will be between 40 and 100 words moving across the screen, the user needs to select/collect 9 of the words shown.  The client wants users to either drag & drop their selection or to click on them to select.  The user will then be required to confirm their selection and if necessary select again.

Once the 9 words have been selected the user then will be asked to rate them selves against each of the 9 words.

The client wants both the selection of 9 words and the rating to be recorded and reported on.

Can anyone give me any ideas if this is possible to create this Innovative Survey using Storyline???

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Phil Mayor

Hi Helen

I think it is possible, depends on the LMS, and I would do a little testing before committing as some LMS's do not record survey questions (although you could switch to graded questions).

I am not sure what info is passed back from a drag and drop (again this may need testing)

Simply you can use pick many questions.   I would say that it may be easier to achieve using survey monkey or something similar.

Helen Tarbox

Hi Phil

Yes using Survey Monkey would be a lot easier...  however the organisation has recently been bombarded with surveys (both paper & electronic) and staff are fed up with completing them.

This idea was to create a survey that did not look like a survey, but had more of a 'game' or 'interactive' feel.

Jerson  Campos

You Don't Know Jack!...  I'm referring to the game, not your actual knowledge. If you have ever played this game, they have something very similar in the last round. I've actually considered doing something like what you described that was inspired by the game. I just didn't have time to create it... Until now. Attached is a small sample of what you described.

Here is a link.

Couple of things.   If you plan on have 40 or 100 choices, get ready. You will have to be familiar with triggers and variables and it will have a lot of layers.

I did a couple of things. I added 2 layers that will "randomly" show the options (you could use a random number generator script, but it might make things harder).  I placed empty boxes throughout the layers to reveal an option. You have to make sure you time this correctly or it might show the same options twice and it will glitch.  I also added an empty to reveal the other pop up layer to have some overlap.

Once the users selects an option, it will play a different animation and change a corresponding variable to true to prevent it from being shown again.

I also included a normal survey slide. It will automatically select the same choices as the user. You could leave this as is so the user can review his/her choice, or put a trigger to automatically submit the interaction on timeline start. This will help send it to the LMS (depending on the LMS). Your choice.

If you do pursue this, make sure you understand the limits of the software and your own limits too. This could lead to a lot of frustrating moments down the road. Of course you can always ask for help in this forum, someone is always willing to help.

PS: @ Mike, this would be a good idea for the next challenge,  creative surveys.  Don't know if you did this already.

Phil Mayor

I think you need to test the output of all the question types in your LMS prior to deciding to use Storyline to produce your survey.

Also look at the reporting ability of your LMS.

Both of these would determine if I went down this route.  Survey Monkey is popular because of the output options, if you cannot get the information out the other side you will have wasted your time.

Otherwise it is more than achievable as Jerson has demonstrated.