Instructional Design accreditation

Apr 12, 2021

There are a LOT of digital learning and instructional design courses out there. I'm based in the UK and wondering if there are recommendations for instructional design and digital design courses which give accreditation or certification at the end? 

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Kristin Hatcher

The Association for Talent Development is a worldwide organization that offers many different types of certificates. I see quite a few are offered live online or some are independent study with a test at the end. You can find them at Sadly, it's not inexpensive. You can view their certifications here:

Brad Page

Hi Scott

I'm UK based also and it's slim pickings I'm afraid unlike the US which seems to be awash with e-learning related degree programs.  The Training Foundation (TAP) do offer some courses in Articulate / E-learning, and I think there may also be some sort of diploma in e-learning offered if you collect enough modules.

I've done 3 courses with them and the training was always of a high standard:

TAP Learning | QA