Interactive Videos - Missing Secret Sauce

Hi All,

Does anyone else feel storyline is falling  behind in the interactive video department?

We seem to be getting more and more requests for this type of content but are struggling to keep up with the demand.

I’m thinking a ‘Jump to Cue Point’, and some fresh video controls could really speed things up.

If anybody has any tips or secret sauce in this area would be great if you can share. 







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Allison LaMotte

Hi Michael,

I'm sorry to hear you're not finding the features you need in Storyline 360 to create interactive videos the way you want to. 

If you have time to log a feature request and tell us more about your specific needs, that would be super helpful!

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Michael North
Erin Meenan

It would be great if the process was simplified...similar to what you can do with h5p! When I followed the examples for storyline, I wasn't able to preview the YouTube video to be able to add triggers.  I will submit a feature request; thanks Allison!

Yes HP5 is really cool, I 've recently seen someone put together a SCORM packager for this too so it can be loaded into an LMS directly (link below).