Intralearn LMS and Storyline


I published one of my story courses to LMS and zipped it and tried to upload it to my LMS(intralearn).

It's a SCORM 1.2, for soem reason it will play but when you do a preview within the LMS the course instruction which is part of the LMS and the left side Navigation of the LMS to control student pace automaticlaly hides.

In other words when we had articulate presenter and we open the course there would be a window within which on the left would be a navigation panel and on the right the course would open, now as soon as you click the preview, it shows the navigation window for 1 or 2 seconds and then minimizes and you have to manually maximize the window.

has anyone else had this issue? what solution have you found. is it LMS or storyline issue?

All our existing presenter courses open as usual. I tried another test file as well and the same behavior.

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