SCORM course won't play in LMS - SQL issue

I am working with a client that uses the IntraLearn LMS product.  Apparently, my client's server has an SQL version that the IntraLearn LMS doesn't support. HOWEVER, the LMS seems to work most of the time. I have created courseware with another authoring system, published a SCORM 1.2 package, uploaded the package to the LMS and the course uploaded cleanly and runs for the learners.

My current project is an Articulate Presenter course with Quizmaker final exam. I published the course as a SCORM 1.2. The package uploads cleanly to the LMS. However, when the course is run by a learner, it won't run. IntraLearn was able to get the course to run on their server and research discovered the SQL unsupported issue.

MY QUESTION:  Has anyone seen this issue before and does Articulate have a patch or other tool that will run on an LMS that is on a server that is using SQL Express? Or are the only choices my client has are to upgrade their SQL or only develop eLearning with the other authoring system that works in their environment?


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