Intuitive Website Functionality in eLearning

Aug 03, 2016


The L & D consulting firm I support asked me to design an interactive model in SL2 that visually shows the connectivity of the four groups involved in its business. The model explains the purpose of the groups, and how each relates to the other. It will also link groups to relevant resources. After seeing the storyboard I did directly in SL, they want it to function more like a website, have no instructions and be completely intuitive. I'm wondering how others build eLearning meeting these criteria? Thanks!

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David Price

If you strip it down to its bare bones and eLearn is just like a website.  A website is a collection of pages and an eLearn is a collection of slides, all linked via some kind of navigation.

As a website designer myself I quite often apply website design principles to my eLearning design when it comes to things like navigation.  I think eLearning should be just like a website where you shouldn't have to be told how to navigate it, you should be able to figure it out within the first few seconds of entering the site.

You just need to make sure your navigation menu is clearly recognisable, in the same place throughout, etc.  The "Previous Page" (or whatever it is called) trigger in SL acts the same as a back button on a browser so you may want to think about building that into your design somewhere.

Without knowing exactly what you want to build its difficult to help with the specifics but if you Google things like website navigation techniques, good website design, etc you should find some kind of inspiration.  Feel free to drop me a message if you'd like to chat over any of your ideas, etc in more detail

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