Is it possible to dynamically display different menu items based around variables or any other method?

Hi, my first post here discussed how to dynamically change the slides a learner accesses based on their job role, mainly so that any future changes to the course are made just once instead of, say, three times because I have 3 different job roles and the alternative would be to create the course separately for each one.

So, with this in mind:

  • Is there a way for the Menu Sidebar to display different slide content for each of those Job Roles?

Could this still be done with triggers and/or variables?

From the look of the introductory tutorials, it can't.  But I suspect that there are other ways of doing it.

I saw someone 2 months ago suggesting javascript could be a way to go so a single course displayed in different languages, but I am afraid I know nothing about javascript and am unlikely to learn it in the near future.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Steve,

Well, you said it yourself pretty much, you can use triggers, variables, javascript, or a mix of some or all of the above if you're creating a custom in-slide menu - but not when using the stock menu sidebar.

As for the last part of your post, I could very well have been the one suggesting JS was the way to go for a multilingual site, but this means your whole course would have to consist of placeholder text which would make the development process quite tedious, especially when you're dealing with complicated content etc.

Hope this helps,